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Mua cave

Mua cave (dance cave) is about 3.5km from Tam Coc. Many travelers getting to Hang Mua would rather love this stunning view than Halong bay. Its a fair climb up hundreds of steps (500) lead you to a temple on top of a hill, the spectacular views from Hang Mua over Tam Coc and Ninh Binhs stunning countryside are well worth the effort. Mua cave is one of the most beautiful places to view in Ninh Binh. Travelers can see the city far from the standing in front of, Tam Coc in back and the limestone mountain along to the south of Vietnam.
Steps lead to Hang Mua was imitated from architecture of Great Wall of China with 486 stone steps. Traveling to Hang Mua, you will wallow in a wonderful landscape of mountain, valley and river.
The best time to visit there should be sunset or sunrise. When you climb up to mountain like you do your morning exercise or afternoon exercise. It's very romantic with the lover, don't forget bring some water or drinks. It's really interesting when you take some wine or beer. By cycling or motorbike with driver seem to be the best way to come there, going on countryside road and throughout some villages which are interesting too.



Mua cave in Ninh Binh

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