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Dong Chuong lake

Dong Chuong Lake is a natural freshwater lake bordering between Phu Loc and Phu Long Nho Quan District, Ninh Binh Province. A wide lakes are clear, colored sapphires. Morning blind bones as smoke covered the lake subtle waves . When the sun rises , melting frost , sunlight pine trees , branches leaves shimmering hues like inlaid jewels . Landscape as fairy brings nostalgia , dreamy deserted . hidden on the hill animals are bewildered when he heard a whistle fog .

Sitting in the boat , looking up surrounded by vast green hill untouched , as the boat was clear in the vast dark clouds floating in the sky . The wind blew gently , forming all inclusive nature picture wearing dragged on amid the flowers of the same hill . Also here are three Tua waterfall and stream line nine . Go to the rainy season , water from the rock poured endless

Add something special and unique here is the finished boat sightseeing , tourists continue to visit the new : Climbing the hill to see Ao God . Just follow the blue hills , visitors will find a way to the top of the upper lake is also known as the Blue Heaven Pond , a small but not always shallow . It is strange that the Creator has reserved for this place

Visitors to the lake The program will see the beauty of human nature and Ninh Binh . For greening of barren hills and the local population has grown more information around the clock . Just keep the environment has created harmony for natural picture here. Natural and man made ​​lake reached perfection !



Dong Chuong lake in Ninh Binh

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