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Bird valley

Located in Dam Khe hamlet, Ninh Hai commune, Hoa Lu District, Ninh Binh province, Bird Valley (Thung Chim) is an ecotourism area which covers an area of 34 hectares.

What attracts tourists are romantic landscape, stunning mountains and pristine nature of Bird Valley.

Visiting the Bird valley, visitors will sit in boat to travel in river of swamp forest. In particular, visitors will have a chance to observe wildlife of many kinds of birds like storks, heron, eagle, pelicanIf you travel at late afternoon when storks herd return to their nets after a long day finding food, you will be amazed by the scene of thousands of white storks perch on the tree, that is the reason why this valley is called Bird Valley.

Moreover, tourists will enjoy local food specialties in stilt house, visit models of farms, orchards, fish ponds...



Bird valley in Ninh Binh

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